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Many of you know that while I specialize in High School Senior, Wedding and Boudoir Photography, I also do a lot of other fun work throughout western Washington. (Commercial, large multi-families, Newborn, etc.) One of these also include providing many of our local Sports Leagues and School Districts with all their Sports Photography needs!

Orders placed on Picture Day are always free of any shipping and handling costs and are able to be purchased at special bulk rate package pricing. But now, I am happy to announce that any late orders placed through any of the teams' Private Online Galleries, offer FREE GROUND SHIPPING for orders of $40 and up!

Because our galleries are secure, simply click here to >>> contact us confirming your athletes: Name, Team and School/League information . Shortly after, you'll receive an email back to create a free guest account where you will be able to view and place your orders.

~ Enjoy!

Hey there!

I'm Juli Bonell - Beauty Photographer.

You could easily say that I'm a bit eclectic; an outgoing introvert who's obsessed with vanilla chai lattes, travelling, forensic science & zombies. I see beauty in urban decay, and I love yoga just as much as I love singing loudly in my car with the windows down. (Let's just say that last one's not pretty.)

Thanks for visiting my blog. Feel free to take a look around and connect and chat with me about your photography needs. Enjoy!

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