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Your online gallery with Bonell Photography now comes with maximum security.

Your privacy is among my top priorities. So all my client's galleries are password protected... 3X! First, in accessing the entire Client Galleries section, again to enter each individual Gallery. And finally with your own personal account setting! Every access point on the BP side has separate, unique, top security passwords that are highly sensitive. Then, you have the added availability to add your own private password to view your personal galleries with ease!

That being said, it's still easy for you to share your entire online gallery, with those you select, through our PRIVATE GALLERY INVITE. Think of it like a private party with a secret handshake. Simply invite people you would like to have full access to your images 
by sending me your exclusive vip guests' email addresses. I'll then enter the addresses you send me, to your gallery's "guest list", and a PRIVATE GALLERY INVITE will be automatically emailed to them. They create their own personal account and BAM!! 

Currently, you can invite up to 50 people to privately view your gallery, order prints and download the files, (when your packages includes the Digital Download.) If you don't want them all to have downloadable access, simply request a download code be required.

In addition to the security, the emailed invite only works once and is unique to the receiver. So if the email is forwarded, the invite won't work. Or if North Korea hacks into their email account thinking they are a movie industry, it wont even work for them.

Decide your "Private Party" is getting out of hand? You can simply let me know who the unruly guest is, and I will revoke their access to the gallery. ACCESS DENIED!

So no matter if you are booking a Senior Session, Wedding or even a Belle Boudoir session, rest assured that your images are safe with us.


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