What happened to the last 8 months?

Wow! What a year this has been! We are so incredibly grateful for the success of the past year and apologize  that I have totally been neglecting our blog! So how about I give a quick year in review?

2011 Seniors were so much fun! Hey 2012 Seniors! Now is the time to Contact Us to book your session at a great price!
Here are just a few of the great Seniors I had the chance to work with this year!

{Hoquiam High School 2011 Senior Portrait - Tyler}

{Aberdeen High School 2011 Senior Portrait - Amanda}

{Aberdeen High School 2011 Senior Portrait - Jake}
(Just wait till we show you our new 2012 Senior Reps!!)

I really love working with people and getting to know them. I am so honored  every time someone books a session. This year has been FULL of families, kids, newborns and couples. Here are just a few of them...

The cast of Showtime II was a blast to work with! These Hoquiam High School students put on a show that was amazing and so funny. I love these talented kids!

I went to HHS by a request from Senior, Luke Barr. He wanted me (along with our daughter/photographer, Bri,) to photograph the Drunk Driving /Texting while Driving Awareness project that he was participating in.
Throughout the day "every 32 minutes", another student represented another drunk driving accident. The reaper would find the student, emergency crews would appear and remove the student on a stretcher covered in a white cloth. Arrests were also made during class times.At one point, students came out of classes to find a wrecked vehicle with several victims including Luke, seen here, who had been thrown through the windshield to the hood. Students watched while emergency crews attended to the victims and Luke was "airlifted" to the hospital.

The year has also been filled with lots of sports, both in attending our kids' games and tournaments and providing a variety of Team Portraits for several local schools and leagues... here are just a couple of them.

Their outtakes are among some of my favorites. I definitely need to do something with all of them. :)

Well, That gives you a little taste of my jam-packed year.
I promise to update more regularly in the coming months with more from this summer's weddings, seniors, performances, events and more.


Jay Gerring said...
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Kim Hunter said...

2011 was indeed an incredible year for you. It was pretty busy, what with all the activities you had lined up. But it’s all worth it. Particularly the project you joined in for raising awareness about DUI and texting while driving. Those are the highlight, I must say. And I hope that it is still on-going up to this day.

Kim E. Hunter

harada57 said...

And I hope that it is still on-going up to this day.


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