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I've never been one to be bothered by my age. I honestly have no problem saying I'm 45... my brain just doesn't always remember how old I am. In fact, since I started taking better care of myself following a two-surgery-summer three years ago, I feel more like I did when I was in my early twenties! In fact, I just went to my first concert, Sia, with my husband! Next we are going to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers this spring thanks to a gift from one of our daughters! So I really have no complaints when it comes to age. I just have no idea where the time went, and how in the world my kids got so old.

So to celebrate, I've got something special for YOU!
Till midnight tonight, Oct 29, 2016, receive 29% OFF ALL PRINT ORDERS of $29 and up, through your online gallery at
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Just EMAIL ME your session info and I'll send you a new private gallery invite.

The Santa Experience 2016 [Western Washington]

                                                               IN A WAY THEY'LL NEVER FORGET...

Kick off your Holiday Season with a full-on, memory making EXPERIENCE that will fill your hearts with joy.
The Santa Experience is a timeless fantasy concept that's sure to excite children of all ages...
even the biggest of kids (Mom & Dad).
It will be a very special, interactive experience, documented through professional photography all within the gorgeous, privately owned, historical, Hoquiam Castle.

During your Private Santa Session, your children will be able to warm up naturally to Santa and
enjoy activities such as…
  • Spending 1 on 1 time with Santa – no lines, no wait, no pressure. 
  • Santa may read your child a book 
  • Tug on Santa's beard 
  • Give Santa a letter or read him a wish list
  • Santa will help your child find their name on his "Nice List" 
  • Maybe even help Santa decorate his tree!
  • You even have the option to bring a personalized gift that Santa can give to your child! (We will schedule a gift drop-off day ahead of time.) 

******** BONUS GIFT ********

Pre-Book before October 16th, to receive a complimentary, Special Edition, Photo Ornament.

If you book one of our Fall or Winter Mini Sessions AND a The Santa Experience, you will receive
TWO Complimentary, Special Edition, Photo Ornaments 
(Your choice of images from either session.)


First, review the available times below:

Then CLICK THIS LINK, to view pricing, what's included, available times and to book your time choice. Following your paid booking, you'll receive an email from me within 24 hours containing your prep details and your Portrait Agreement to complete the process. 


2016 MINI SESSIONS [Pumpkin Patch, Seabrook, Tree Farm, Studio, Santa]

Mini Sessions are here! 

We have EXTREMELY LIMITED spots this year! Don’t miss your chance to come hang out and have fun getting some super gorgeous photos with Juli! This is an affordable way to get some great lifelong memories of your family that we only offer once a year!

>> MINI  $99 << 
|| 20 minute session || 1-2 people || Online Gallery || Coupon Code for 20% off your print order ||

>> BASIC  $150 << 
|| 20 minute session || 1-4 people || Online Gallery || Coupon Code for 20% off your print order ||
Plus 5 high-res images delivered online with full printing rights  

>> PREMIUM  $200 << 
|| 50 minute session. 1-8 people || Online Gallery || Coupon Code for 20% off your print order ||
Plus the full image gallery of (15+) high-res images delivered online with full printing rights  



Fill out the form at the bottom of this article, to sign up with a first and second time choice. You will receive an email from me with your secured spot date and time, and links to your Booking Deposit Retainer payment and Portrait Agreement. If deposit is not received with-in 3 days, your spot will be re-opened up.

*** Deposit of $50 is due to secure your time slot. Non – Refundable unless able to fill time.
*** Remaining balance + tax is due in full 1 day prior to the session.
*** Locations will all be in the Grays Harbor Area – addresses will be emailed out about 5-7 days prior to the session.



Pumpkin Patch / Corn Maze Mini Sessions

Seabrook Mini Sessions

Studio Mini Sessions (Neutral/White/Holiday)

Tree Farm Mini Sessions


And don't miss out on our newest, most anticipated Mini Session...

 click here  >>>  THE SANTA EXPERIENCE  <<< click here



To get started on booking your Fall or Winter Mini Session, please fill out the form below and Juli will email you back within 24 hours. Booking requests will be responded to in a first come, first served basis and times will be reserved in the order that the retainer deposit was received.
Mini Sessions require a $50 booking retainer to reserve your spot - this deposit is non-refundable unless your space is able to be filled.
Remaining balance must be received 1 day prior to session date.

Feel free to drop me an email with any questions at

>>  If you are on your cell phone and cannot see or access the form below, CLICK HERE. <<
Questions? See the Mini Session FAQ's below the form.


Why should I book a mini session?
Mini sessions are an affordable, fast & super fun way to get great professional images without sacrificing quality or creativity, and without investing a significant amount of time or money. Whether you book a session every now & then or several times a year, you’ll always have the opportunity for fresh, beautiful, affordable photos whenever you want them.

Can I use a mini session to get a family portrait?
Absolutely. Mini Sessions are a perfect way to quickly update your family portrait and update photos of your children. Sessions are available for couples, families or just children.

How long will a mini session last?
Your mini session will last about 20 minutes depending on your package. Typically between 5-8 sessions will be scheduled back-to-back, depending on the time of year. Because these sessions are scheduled back to back, it is extremely important you arrive at least ten minutes before your scheduled time. If you are late to your session, it will be cut short to not cut into the next family’s session.

How many photos do I get from my mini session?
You will receive at least 15 edited images in a private online gallery from your mini session. Please refer to the specific package for all the details on your mini session.

What if it rains?
If it rains, or we have bad weather, I will make the call to reschedule the mini session no later than 10am the day of the session.  We will likely still have the session if it is cold outside, but if it’s terribly windy, or raining, it is likely we will need to reschedule. I will contact you via the email address you provide, to inform you of the necessary reschedule, and the date. If we have to reschedule the session, I will do my best to reschedule them as soon as possible.

Can we bring any outfit changes for our mini session?
Because the mini sessions are less than 30 minutes each, we want to be shooting the entire time. Therefore, only one outfit will be allowed during mini sessions. Please come dressed in that outfit and ready to have some fun! If you want to change things up, dress in layers: a jacket, scarf or sweater that can be simply removed, works well for this. But keep it simple. Adjustments will cut into your session time.

Can we bring props? 
You are welcome to bring a few props, if desired. Personalized signs, pre-written chalk boards, a special book, or other meaningful items are always a great idea! But I would recommend limiting it to three items as again, this will cut into your session time.

Can we bring our pets?
Due to the shortened timeframe, pets are not recommended, but also not refused either. I know furry family members are super important to many of us, but for mini sessions. time is limited and we want to make sure we get as many photos as possible in the time you have reserved. So please keep in mind that bringing your pet may impact the number of images in your gallery.

How many different posing/setting options will we have?
I try to always select locations that offer different setting options. During each session, I will guide clients into multiple settings, and natural interactions. We will move around for variety in photos as much as we can, and I do my best to offer you as many options as possible, but my primary focus will be in capturing true personality & interactions in your images.

Can I request a specific photo?
Mini Sessions do not allow the same flexibility as a full session & as with all our photography sessions, no shot is guaranteed because there are too many factors to consider.

How long until I receive the photos from my mini session?
I will send you 2 emails roughly 2 weeks after your mini session. One will give you the details depending on your chosen package, and the other will be your "private invitation" to set up your personal password to access your online gallery of completed images. I do everything in my power to finish editing photos as soon as possible, however some sessions do tend to have longer wait times due to being during a high-demand time of the year.
While all the mini session packages include a coupon code to receive 20% off you initial print order through your online gallery, a print order is not required. If you are ordering a package that includes digital images with the print release, I am happy to refer you to a consumer-level professional lab, although I am not able to guarantee print quality through outside labs for prints not ordered through Bonell Photography.

*All Sales are subject to sales tax.

33 Tips on Preparing for your Senior Session: Girls | Grays Harbor Premier Photographer

Hey there beautiful!
Are you excited!? I know I am! I absolutely LOVE Senior Sessions. They are so much fun and I REALLY want to help you put your best foot (or face) forward.
Us girls tend to be really hard on ourselves... and I mean,
really hard on ourselves. So I want to help you prepare for your session to help you come in feeling relaxed, confident, beautiful, and ready to ROCK this thing! So I've put together a great list to help you be camera ready.
Don't wait till the night before your session to start getting ready. Check out this list and start thinking about how you can do a few things now, to make your session run smooth, stress free and looking and feeling your best! 

  • Haircuts at least one week prior. We all know we get frustrated with our hair the first couple of days after a new haircut! Give yourself plenty of time to master that new cut and style. (1-2 weeks is best.)
  • Haircolor at least one week prior. This will ensure that your skin is not stained from color. It also allows enough time for color to settle down and soften up. If you have it done much before two weeks, depending on how far you color is from your natural color, you could have lines from grow out.
  • H20 Staying hydrated helps your skin by preventing breakouts and giving you beautifully glowing skin. So start making it a habit now, weeks before your session, to get the best results.
  • Facial Blemishes tend to get WORSE when handled/scratched/picked, so do your best to refrain from handling those bad boys. If you don't already, start a routine now, to wash and care for your skin daily. Clear skin is a HUGE confidence booster. -- Don't worry though. We all get surprises and I can edit out the small stuff easily! 
  • No Spray Tans Please (They tend to look more orange than tan in portraits.)
  • Nails (Make sure you have fresh polish or shine on hands and feet both. Expect them to show - chips stand out!)
  • Bring Extra outfits! (More than you think.) Think something fun that shows your personality as well as something nice that mom would be proud to hang on the wall or send in announcements, maybe even something dressy (prom dress for an example) Start putting it all together, or shopping for items you need. Bringing plenty of items will give us flexibility in matching your clothing to backgrounds and surroundings.
  • Hang It Up This makes for quick on-the-spot clothing decisions and keeps clothes looking great.
  • Dress in layers for variety and simple change-ups. (ex: tank, shirt, jackets, sweaters, scarfs...)
  • Accessories These can really bring personal style to your session. (Jewelry, hair, earrings, scarves, hats, etc.)
  • Bold/ Solid colors look best. Not a rule, but they often photograph better than patterns & pale pastels.
  • Shirts with Logos can be distracting.
  • Don't Wear a Hat before the session (hat hair) but bring some as accessories if you like.
  • No Sun Glasses before your session either because they leave red marks on nose, but bring some as a prop if you'd like for a shot or two.
  • Fresh Shave -but don't shave those legs 30 minutes before the session. This makes skin blotchy and red.
  • Glasses Most lenses have a glare. The safest option is to check with your eye doctor and ask if they’ll loan you a similar pair without lenses. Otherwise, I'll do my best to shoot at angles to minimize the reflection. Or you can remove your glasses entirely for the shoot. My rule of thumb however is, if you wear your glasses most of the time, we keep the glasses on for the shoot because it is part of your style and who you are.
  • Braces can be remove in Photoshop for an extra charge of $10 per image. Otherwise, try not to worry about them. Give a natural smile and enjoy yourself. A good smile with braces is far better than the awkward smile that comes when you try to hide them.
  • Be careful of heavy/thick Eye Liner This tends to make eyes appear squinty in photos, even if you're not.
  • Use Waterproof Mascara Non waterproof will flake or smear around the eye easily in the sun or with clothing changes.
  • Friends & Parents are welcome to join you and often can be a help. However, if they distract you, it may be best to meet them when the session is over. You’re welcome to have a couple of shots with a boyfriend, best friend, sibling, or parent at no extra charge.
  • Weather Don’t worry about clouds because they actually even out the light and make for ideal shooting conditions. But rain may be an issue depending on the look of the shoot or how severe the weather may be, and we may have to reschedule. Juli will try to contact you first, but feel free to email Juli if you have any doubts or concerns.

  • Accessories So many times, seniors will show up with great clothing and props and totally forget to bring various pieces of jewelry, extra shoes, jackets, scarves, etc. These items really dress up your session with personal style, making your session stand out and look crazy cool!
  • Lotion for dry skin areas that are exposed.
  • Q-Tips (to remove under eye makeup that "falls" during the session)
  • Bobby Pins / Hair Band etc for an end-of-session hair change up.
  • Mirror for on location session touch ups.
  • Hair Spray because you never know! I mean, this IS the Pacific Northwest!
  • Brush because... everything.
  • Baby Wipes for shoes/feet. This is surprisingly a big help if we are shooting outdoors. I try to keep some in my go bag, but I run out quickly with all teh shoots I do on the beaches or in muddy or wet areas.
  • Flip Flops so you don't end up trekking to and from locations in heels.
  • Nude bra's under light tops, Black bra under dark tops.
  • Cleavage Awareness Ladies... don't forget a cute tank for under those deep V tops and poses looking down at you. It's about YOU, not "the girls".
  • Tank Top/ Shorts (bike shorts, spandex, underarmor) something to wear under clothes for easy outdoor changes is helpful, but not necessary. I do have a portable changing room for outdoor, on location shoots. But by having something else on underneath, you will feel more comfortable making those quick changes on location. 

Get all your clothes, accessories and props together and ready to go. Remember plastic ziplocs work well for jewelry and accessories so you can hang them with the corresponding outfits.
Stay Hydrated (It makes a big difference in the skin too!)

Start in the morning, and while getting ready, Drink water throughout the day to STAY HYDRATED
Style your hair! You will have these images for years, later on you will appreciate that you took a bit of time to prepare for your session. On this day, styling products, flat irons and curling irons will be your best friends.
Make up should represent you!
Avoid Sparkles in your make up, as it can sometime throw an odd reflection that will be seen in the photos.
Wear a lip color just a shade darker than your natural lips. This will make sure they stand out. Lip gloss is nice, so is mascara!
Remember shoes, socks for each outfit. Ladies remember bras and panties that work well under each outfit!
Eat ahead of time. (You are welcome to bring Snacks & liquids)

ARRIVAL...Arrive a little early, or on time to your appointment. Showing up late means you lose camera time, and we don’t want that. If you’re coming from out of town, give yourself plenty of time to find your way around.
Please don't forget to turn off your Cell Phone at the session. 
And lastly, if you have a remaining balance on your Session Fee, it's due when you arrive.

Thanks again! I can't wait to see you soon!
~ Juli 

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You could easily say that I'm a bit eclectic; an outgoing introvert who's obsessed with vanilla chai lattes, travelling, forensic science & zombies. I see beauty in urban decay, and I love yoga just as much as I love singing loudly in my car with the windows down. (Let's just say that last one's not pretty.)

Thanks for visiting my blog. Feel free to take a look around and connect and chat with me about your photography needs. Enjoy!

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