Grays Harbor College - Class of 2016

Never have I ever... climbed a ladder to photograph from a rooftop.
Never have I ever... arrived at my college BEFORE 8am.
Never have I ever... gotten a selfie with the GHC "Charlie" Choker mascot.

DANG! Ok... so I still have one thing on that list. But I did have a nice conversation with the Choker mascot while he was in full costume. Haha! (I could kick myself for not getting a selfie with him though. Or at least live streaming as I climbed to the roof of the Grays Harbor College Music Pavilion.)

This was one really cool (and very sunny) morning at Grays Harbor College. I was already excited to visit my beautiful Alma Mater, but I was also really excited to see so many cool people I know, graduating from GHC!

Congratulations Graduates!

* Don't forget to get your copy of the group photo from GHC!

Sports Photos Now Ship FREE from

Many of you know that while I specialize in High School Senior, Wedding and Boudoir Photography, I also do a lot of other fun work throughout western Washington. (Commercial, large multi-families, Newborn, etc.) One of these also include providing many of our local Sports Leagues and School Districts with all their Sports Photography needs!

Orders placed on Picture Day are always free of any shipping and handling costs and are able to be purchased at special bulk rate package pricing. But now, I am happy to announce that any late orders placed through any of the teams' Private Online Galleries, offer FREE SHIPPING for orders of $40 and up!

Because our galleries are secure, simply send us an email confirming your athletes: Name, Team and School/League information . Shortly after, you'll receive an email back to create a free guest account where you will be able to view and place your orders.

~ Enjoy!

Hoquiam's Finest : Bonell Photography


I have a ton of respect for those who lay their lives on the line to protect and serve our communities. I've always said, "if I was smarter, I would have gone into forensic sciences." But I can't help it... at the recent photo shoot for the Hoquiam Police Department, instead of feeling like I was in a room full of superheros, I felt like I was on set of an old filming of Police Academy! Okay, I'm aging myself severely now.... but they really need to reboot that movie. (Michael Winslow is the best!)

Honestly, the whole department was hilarious and had me in stitches the whole time. So with their permission, here are two of our local Officers hamming it up for the camera and putting on their best Reno 911 look.

Thank you "Gentlemen" ;) Hahaha!
And a special Thank You to Chief Myers for having me back again this year.



July is Senior Month : Western Washington Senior Photographer

Want the Digital Download (plus Print Release) of your entire gallery of Senior Photos for FREE

How about if I also told you that my NEXT 5 BOOKINGS* will also receive an 20 page, library bound, linen covered and beautifully made Photo Book of all your Senior Photos valued at $300, also COMPLETELY FREE?!?

And what about 25% off your ENTIRE first print order from your completed gallery?
Then, what if I said that you have the power to easily make that 25% off, go up to 50% off in SECONDS following your session, with almost no effort?!?! Would you say "yes" to that kind of a sale? 

Seriously. That's a combined savings valued anywhere between $700-$1,000 or MORE! Simply for booking your Senior Session with Bonell Photography to be held this July!


This year, I've started an new and exciting program for all Western Washington High School Seniors. Let me tell you... IT. IS. AWESOME!

July is Senior Month

And this July special is SUPER-OUTRAGEOUS!

Summer is, by far, the most popular time to have your SENIOR PHOTOS taken. But for many of you, getting your senior pictures won't even be on your radar until after school starts back up and you get that letter from the yearbook staff telling you when your deadline is. So why would you wait till you are once again busy with classes, homework, sports and other activities to have to schedule around?

Most Grays Harbor High Schools require your senior image submission to be turned into the yearbook adviser much earlier than you realize, and with very little notice.
(One particular local High School tends to send out the information to their Seniors with only a few WEEKS notice!) Honestly, by that time, it is a mad rush for literally hundreds of seniors.  And as a Senior Portrait Photographer, I can tell you that our September through December is a crazy busy season, packed full with last minute session requests, making it hard to fit everyone in and return the final product in time for you to select and turn in your favorite.

Here's what you need to do first...

July is just around the corner and there is extremely limited space left to get in on this special. So, please, DO NOT PUT IT OFF.

Contact me TODAY with any questions and to ensure your preferred date and time is still available before the remaining availability is all gone! Then BOOK IT to make sure someone else doesn't get your spot first!

It only takes a $50 retainer to book and RESERVE your spot for this July with your remaining balance for your chosen Senior Session simply due prior to the start of your session. 


Just want an awesome yearbook image,
but not the whole session?

Then my Studio Headshot Mini Session is the perfect alternative for you!

Stand out and make your mark in your yearbook by getting a Headshot that your friends will wish they had.

This Mini Session Event is available for ONE DAY ONLY and closes out our July Senior Month.

Typically, Mini Sessions only give you ONE look, one background that everyone gets, with no alternate options or clothing changes. But with this event, you will have the ability to 
personalize your look by choosing from any of our background options, Additionally you have your choice of booking either a 1, or 2 outfit & background change options. Then we will work together to come up with several cool headshot images for your online gallery. Quick, easy... and still personalized, all for a huge savings from our standard Studio Sessions! 

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Email Juli TODAY for all the details and to reserve your spot for your July Senior Session, or your Headshot Mini Session..

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